Our commitment for a sustainable Development

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REACH : European Regulation for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals

Chemicals are sometimes mandatory in the composition of a product or to ensure its good functioning. However, certain chemical products are considered to be of very high concern.

The REACH regulation ( Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) implemented on 18 December 2006 lists all substances of very high concern, subject to an authorization or a restriction. These listings are updated every January and June. This regulation aims to enhance the protection of the chemical use on the single market 1.
For all these above mentioned reasons, we control and verify all the substances used for the manufacture of our products based on the REACH regulation criteria.

The list of SVHCs (Substance of Very High Concern) includes chemicals which might cause human health issues and that would be potentially prohibited within the next 5 or 7 years. In order to avoid any supply breakdown, Telenco networks follows very closely the evolutions of this list.
Telenco networks care to offer you healthy products, without dangerous substances in their composition that might harm the health of your technicians. Therefore, we pay close attention to the origin, the composition and the conformity of each one of our products. Also, we carefully select our providers and we make sure that our supply chain follows all the required procedures to guarantee the safety of our products.

1The single market includes European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

The American Act Dodd-Frank

Because we strongly believe that a company’s success cannot be built at the expense of human rights, we are willingly complying to the section 1502 of the Dodd-Franck Act. We systematically check for the presence of conflict minerals in our providers’ products. Conflict minerals include gold, tungsten, tantalum and tin. In case these minerals are absolutely mandatory to the composition of our products, then we make sure their origins are different than the Democratic Republic of Congo and its bordering areas.

A responsible economic activity


At Telenco networks, we cannot imagine a sustainable future without an honest and serious commitment to sustainable development. Dedicated to the integration and the monitoring of sustainable development practices within the purchase process, the EcoVadis company assesses CSR performance (Corporate social responsibility) based on performances and results criteria. This year, Telenco networks has obtained Gold recognition for an Advanced level of CSR performance. Through our environment and society oriented actions, our business ethics and our responsible purchase policy, we support our stakeholders towards a sustainable development

Global Compact

Global Compact is a voluntary initiative that brings together more than 14 000 companies involved in a social responsibility approach, from 160 countries. Telenco networks chose to adhere to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

See the 10 principales of Global Compact. Communication on Progress Telenco

Tel'Eco charter

In a common environmental approach, our staff and management commits on a daily basis to :

  • Sort and recycle our waste.
  • Consume with moderation the available expendables.
  • Control the energy consumption by adapting the heating and the air conditioning, as well as reduce our electricity and water consumption.
  • Alternative mobility and cutting-off transport-related greenhouse gas emissions
When designing its products, Telenco networks commits to consider the impact of its production from a global point of view: from the resource extraction phase until the end of the product’s life. This approach allows us to concentrate on the whole picture and not solely on the manufacturing phase.


The Code of Ethical Conduct

Telenco networks’ employees and management are committed to human, honest and fair causes. Our values based on respect, human and environmental protection are reflected in our Code of Ethical Conduct. This document, signed by every employee at their hiring moment, presents each one of its 9 pledges. Hence, every Telenco networks member is morally and contractually committed and becomes naturally an ambassador of our company’s exemplarity.

Our commitment to society


We actively support Enfants de l’Ovale organization since 2014. To encourage their cause, we organize different actions and events with the aim of raising awareness and funds

Through sport competitions such as trails and marathons, at which they gladly and voluntarily choose to participate, Telenco networks’ employees help raise funds every year for « les enfants de l’Ovale » organization. The aim of this organization is to help disadvantage youngsters from France, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Mali, Marocco, Nigeria and Senegal.

Telenco networks promotes social inclusion through employment for persons with disabilities, in reintegration or for ancient prisoners. Therefore, we support Establishments and Support Services through Work (in France, medico-social public institutions also known as ESAT’s) which allow these persons to keep contact with society through work. We chose to support local EASTs in order to reduce the carbon impact of transport and to contribute to the development of our territory. Also, we are proud to collaborate with a reintegration workshop. These actions are extremely dear and important for us because they reflects our commitment to society and our aspiration to give everyone a chance.