R&D Facilities

Methods & Industrialization

With over 30 years of experience in the network accessories field, Telenco’s research lab is an indisputable expert in the development of its products from design to industrialization phase.
When adjusting new products or optimizing the existing ones, Telenco’s engineers, designers and project managers systematically respect the same process. In order for a project to become concrete, 5 reviews are mandatory. Their role is to confirm and corroborate strategic points between each conception phase :

  • 1. Technological suggestions
  • 2. Modelization
  • 3. 3 D sketch
  • 4. Prototyping
  • 5. Industrialization

Manufacturing resources are developed by outside contractors, based on Telenco’s R&D department’s suggestions who certifies the industrialization phase by testing on a pre-series of products.
Often inspired by Telenco networks’ commercials feedback, as well as by the research of its experts, the R&D team develops products to meet the exact needs and requirements of their users.
Responsiveness, flexibility and technological curiosity are the main strengths of this experienced R&D office.

methode et industrialisation

The Lab

Directly related to the R&D office, the labs are part of the optimization process of our optical products:

  • Realizing validation tests to confirm that our products comply to technical requirements of our customers.
  • Realizing investigation tests for optimizing the development of our products or our product’s compatibility with other network equipments ( cables, brackets, …)
  • Writing test reports

By integrating test labs within the company, we gain in responsiveness to meet more efficiently the needs of our customers, by respecting all of their technical requirements.

The Optical Lab

The lab is equipped with all the needed material for measuring the insertion and reflectance losses:

  • Interferometer
  • 4 Way Optical Power Meter
  • OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)
  • Reflectometer
  • Microscope

The lab is also equipped with specific tools, adapted for the realization and the testing of optical fiber mounting ( fiber optic fusion splicer machines, optical pens…).

The Electrical Lab

The electrical lab is used for the validation of copper connector products :

  • Electric shock wave generator

The Mechanical Lab

The mechanical lab enables us to realize traction and vibration tests, required for the validation of our products, according to our customer specifications:

  • 4 traction benches of 20 daN à 10 000 daN
  • 1 inclosure for traction tests at low temperatures
  • 1 inclosure for traction tests at high temperatures
  • 1 vibration bench : 2 spans, 80 m long

A platform for implementation and training on aerial networks

Telenco networks’ site is equipped with an outdoor platform with 8 poles for mounting aerial network products in real configuration conditions.

A platform for implementation and training on underground networks

This external platform is equipped with four tubing networks of different sections and lengths. It enables us to validate optical fiber underground deployment by blow molding and to train our customers to use machines for the FO deployment, created by our American partner, CONDUX.

A platform for implementation and training for homes and MDU's deployment

This platform consists in three networks of micro-tubes and different ICT protection sheaths sections. It allows us to simulate the implementation by circuit switching, pushing, pulling and blow molding of optical cable solutions for homes and MDU’s developed by Telenco networks. Also, on this platform we train our customers to use machines for the FO deployment in homes and MDU’s, conceived by our American partner CONDUX.

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